Use LinkedIn to Become a Thought Leader

LinkedIn is an online network of professionals that connects people in different industries. When you join LinkedIn, you become part of a community of professionals interested in what you have to say. You can use LinkedIn to build your brand and make meaningful connections with other professionals in your field. Here are ways to make your LinkedIn profile to position yourself as a thought leader and advance your band. 

Optimize Your Profile for Search Engines
You can increase your content chances to rank higher in search results—by optimizing your profile for search engines. You have to target relevant keywords that you want to display when potential clients or employers search LinkedIn. And once you’ve determined the keywords utilize them in your summary, job title, job, descriptions, and headline.

You can utilize keywords in other areas such as profile text, images, headers, titles of your articles, on the top of your pages, and other places where you mention or link to your website. You can also optimize your profile by linking to your website from your profile page, adding a picture of yourself, and including information about using LinkedIn to advance your career.

Customize Your Feed, Follow Those Who Matter Most
One thing about millennials is the desire to learn despite the difference in experience and age. Follow people and interact with topics that matter to you the most to create a feed that keeps you in the know and allows you to invest in yourself.

You should always engage your audience if you aim to position yourself as thought leader on Linkedln. This will help you stand out from the rest of the professionals in your field and make it easier for people to find you.

Create regular content, comment, and share relevant posts with others. You will make meaningful connections with people interested in your brand as they interact with you daily. You can also share valuable insights about yourself and what you know.

Participate in Groups
LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to find professionals whose interests align with yours. You can join many groups and access all their resources and information. The Chamber of Commerce is an example of one of the groups you can join if you’re looking to transform the lives of others and promote the quality of life through economic growth and opportunity. You will learn to network with other professionals and find potential business opportunities. But, you shouldn’t only join the groups—ensure you participate in their activities.

Include Media in Your Profile
Your LinkedIn profile should include media that is familiar to your audience. For example, you can have pictures of yourself or your products and your latest articles or blog posts. It will help people feel comfortable talking to you and learn more about you.

Consider updating your biography to reflect who you are and what makes you stand out in your field. You can also use videos of products for people to see what you have to say and how you can improve their business. Or even post a list of resources that you think would be helpful for other professionals in your area.

Keep your LinkedIn brand rolling; it’s an excellent platform for building a personal brand and engaging with potential and current clients. Staying up to date on your use and visibility will allow you to capitalize on all the site offers. By using LinkedIn to create a personal brand and participate in groups, you can increase your visibility and authority on the platform and beyond the site’s reach, gaining interest from individuals you may not have reached otherwise. Additionally, optimizing your profile for search engines and engaging with media can make your profile more attractive to future and current clients.

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